The Aston Martin Long Island
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"Intoxicating form. Compelling function. For over half a century, the name DBS has meant just one thing: the ultimate production Aston Martin."

"We wanted to create a car that combined cutting edge aerodynamics with the classic muscularity and presence for which our most potent series production models are renowned."

Marek Reichman
EVP and Chief Creative Officer

"The shape is unmistakably Aston Martin, but stronger, broader and more muscular than ever, not at a stylist’s whim but to cool and control the most powerful production Aston Martin ever."

"Where others stop, Aston Martin starts. Settle into the sumptuous, leather upholstered interior of the DBS Superleggera and see how our high-performance seats support your body to perfection. In both the driver and passenger seat you are home before the journey has even commenced."

Beauty & Performance in Equal Measure

Beautifully Brutal

"DBS has long signified the utmost in elegance and speed, comfort and performance. The DBS Superleggera Coupe and Volante are meticulously handcrafted with beauty and performance in equal measure. No fraction is compromised. The DBS Superleggera will leave you in awe. Its beauty is absolute."

"Nothing less than a quartet of matte black exhausts will suffice to unleash the peerless sound of the V12 to the outside world providing an unforgettable experience to those both inside and out of the DBS Superleggera."

"The engine’s effortless and instantaneous urge accompanied by the inimitable multi-layered symphony of a thoroughbred V12 provides the finest soundtrack you could hope to hear. They are memorable, defining characteristics of the new DBS Superleggera."

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Engine Specifications

  • All-alloy quad overhead cam, 48-valve 5.2-litre bi-turbo, V12 with stop/start cylinder deactivation
  • Water-to-air Charge Cooling
  • Front mid-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive
  • Fully catalysed stainless-steel exhaust system with cross pipes
  • Compression ratio 9.3:1
  • Dual Variable Camshaft Timing
  • Knock-sensing
  • Fully CNC machined combustion chambers
  • Electrically controlled exhaust
  • Maximum power: 715bhp/725PS @ 6500rpm
  • Maximum torque: 900Nm/663lb ft @ 1800-5000rpm
  • Acceleration: 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 3.6 seconds
  • Maximum speed: 211mph









0-62 MPH

The Architecture of Beautiful

“Power without control is power that is squandered, which is why the DBS Superleggera is a master at making the most of the vast resources the V12 places at its disposal. It starts with a chassis of enormous rigidity and continues with a classic double wishbone front suspension, a geometrically optimal multilink rear axle and an even more stable stance thanks to a track that is 10mm wider than the DB11 at the front and 20mm wider at the rear.”