Our Heritage

We love what we do, every day

Long Island Sports Cars is uniquely assembled of a team of equally passionate automotive enthusiasts. We love what we do, every day. Founder and Dealer Principle, Simon Rodd, is a true leader and avid British automotive enthusiast.  Early in 1984, Simon started with Aston Martin in the technical arena. Many unique opportunities have successfully led to the establishment and cultivation of Long Island Sports Cars today. Our main brands include McLaren and Aston Martin, two diverse yet powerfully similar manufacturers.

We are honored to be one of three of Aston Martin’s Heritage dealers for the United States.

This is a distinction that recognizes our expertise in locating, preparing, and representing vintage Aston Martin vehicles.

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A First Class Experience

One hundred percent goes into everything that we do, which makes us especially proud of our unmatched customer satisfaction rating.  For over a decade our sales and service facilities have been providing supercar owners from Manhattan to Montauk with a first class level of satisfaction of ownership of the McLaren and Aston Martin brand.  Our Management team has been an integral part of the client experience since the original founding, simple affirmation that the experience at Long Island Sports Cars is unparalleled.

Long Island Sports Cars is proudly inspired to be the best.  Our staff is fully equipped and above all we indulge in making the purchase and ownership experience exceptional.  Located on Northern Blvd in Roslyn, our boutique dealership truly embraces the culture of the Gold Coast. 

We proudly represent the Aston Martin and McLaren brand and welcome you to experience our exquisite location and rare selection of automobiles.

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A Heritage Parts Dealer

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