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Aston Martin Celebrates F1® Race Weekend Unleashing SUVs

A remarkable weekend for Aston Martin in Las Vegas was crowned by the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula 1® Team’s impressive double points victory. The spotlight of the entertainment capital of the world was seized by the DBX707, touted as the supercar of SUVs.

Dazzling spectators with its distinctive style and unparalleled performance, the DBX707 illuminated the Las Vegas Strip Circuit™ on Saturday in an exclusive track takeover leading up to the first Las Vegas Grand Prix in four decades. This showcased the exceptional capabilities of Aston Martin’s critically acclaimed model, hailed as the world’s most powerful ultra-luxury SUV and serving as the Official FIA Medical Car of Formula 1®.

The pulsating display of the DBX707 on the track, reaching the pinnacle of SUV performance, was complemented by a 15-minute spectacle on Sphere’s Exosphere – Earth’s largest LED screen. Intending to convey the intense sensations of driving the DBX707, the immersive content featured real-time biometric visualizations of drivers experiencing the full performance of an Aston Martin, capturing details such as pupil dilation and heartbeat.

From delivering the largest-ever digital display of a car on Sphere, through to unleashing a stunning line-up of DBX707 models on the Las Vegas strip, Aston Martin has put our iconic brand at the heart of one of the most innovative sporting events in the world.

Touching all of our marketing channels, our activities in Las Vegas demonstrate how we are infusing our brand with F1’s unique high-performance and technology credentials and curating ultra-luxury experiences and events that connect our community of owners and enthusiasts.

Marco Mattiacci, Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer of Aston Martin
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In its most extensive race weekend marketing initiative to date, Aston Martin’s collaboration with the Las Vegas Grand Prix treated over 100 VIP customers to entertainment on each day of the event. The festivities included the completion of 58 exhilarating hot laps on the newly established street circuit, along with the unveiling of immersive Aston Martin content on Sphere throughout the entire race week.

Beyond the vibrant city lights of downtown Las Vegas, Aston Martin showcased a distinctive off-road adventure featuring the DBX707 in the Nevada desert. Commencing with a memorable private helicopter excursion, providing guests with a breathtaking aerial perspective of the Las Vegas Strip Circuit™, the journey continued over the Grand Canyon toward the awe-inspiring Valley of Fire State Park. Here, participants encountered the formidable capabilities of the most powerful luxury SUV, navigating through an off-road driving route that showcased the full force of the DBX707.

In the second-to-last race of the Formula 1® season, the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula 1® Team showcased a double points-winning performance, setting the stage for a decisive battle for fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship in the season finale in Abu Dhabi. Commencing from the 19th position, Lance Stroll executed a skilled drive, surging through the field by 14 places to secure a 5th-place finish, mirroring his achievement in the preceding Brazilian Grand Prix. These valuable 10 points were supplemented by Fernando Alonso’s 9th-place finish, positioning him tied for 4th in the Formula One Drivers’ World Championship. This outcome marked a memorable conclusion to his first season in British Racing Green.


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