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As a proud Aston Martin Owner, you want only the best for your car. Keeping it in pristine condition is a great source of pride. We know you bought an Aston Martin because you have a good eye for automotive luxury. You want your vehicle to look just as good as the first time you drove it off the lot. Not to mention the importance of upholding Aston Martin’s premium performance standards. The time has come to prepare your Aston Martin for the spring.

The spring season is always a time of renewed optimism. That is true now more than ever. Now is the time to take your prized Aston Martin out of the Garage and hit the open road. Take in the blue skies and budding leaves as you emerge from the chills of winter. But before you do, make sure your car is up to the task. Spring is a crucial time for automotive maintenance. With the changing weather, it is important to get your Aston Martin ready for warmer temperatures. Use these tips and some help from Aston Martin Long Island to make this the best spring yet.

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Why prep for spring?

Prepping your vehicle for the changing weather is always important, especially for luxury brands like Aston Martin. Shifting temperature can affect many components of a car that needs a tune-up. Before going for your first Sunday drive or road trip of the season, check these problem areas. Some changes during the winter months are common so have a plan and know what may need maintenance.

Another reason prepping for spring is important is because luxury cars typically see an uptick in usage. It’s likely that your Aston Martin Vantage Roadster does not see many miles in the winter. If your luxury car has sat in the garage for a few months, some spring preparations are certainly in order. Cars need tuning up before they can reach their maximum potential in the fall.

How is driving different in spring?

Has this ever happened to you? Around the holidays, you take it easy, relax, and spend time with family. Then after a few weeks of sitting around eating cookies, it is time to exercise. Suddenly working out is a little more difficult. It is the same principle for luxury cars. Staying in a garage under a cover for a few months makes peak performance challenging at first. Without proper servicing, it is possible that a vehicle’s condition will worsen slightly, even if not driven.

Especially for luxury cars, spring upkeep is crucial. Since these normally see significantly less use in the winter, this time of year is particularly important. This is the time to prepare your Aston Martin for spring and summer. Your engine, tires, exterior, and more should all receive the proper attention before the season begins. Follow these suggestions to get your luxury car back in the best condition possible.

What are the first steps?

When first inspecting your car for the spring, start with making a list of what to check. Some of the most important components are the engine, wheels and suspension, the car’s body, and the interior. Aston Martins are all made to exceptional standards, so the best owners strive to uphold their vehicle’s condition. A good game plan can keep your vehicle looking and driving like new for years to come.

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Under the hood

The heart of any car is its engine. Keeping your Aston Martin’s motor running smoothly is the key to continued performance. Now is the ideal time for an oil change to prepare your vehicle for the best driving months of the year. In fact, it is a good idea to check all fluids in your Aston Martin and replace them if needed. After idle months, this is a way to hit reset on your car and keep it fresh.

Continue to check out the components under the hood of your Aston Martin before taking it on the road. Along with the engine oil, you should replace the oil filter as well. If you have not driven your car all winter, it’s recommended that you had the battery removed and stored. Make sure this is reconnected and working properly. When everything looks to be in order, it is time to check beneath your Aston Martin.


Tires are one area of the car the changing weather impacts most significantly. Depending on your situation, a couple of actions may be necessary, like tire changes or rotations. Checking your tire’s tread and air pressure is a simple starting point. If the rubber appears damaged, getting a fresh set of wheels on your Aston Martin is crucial. It can make all the difference when getting out on the open road this spring.

If you have driven your Aston Martin during winter, also make sure to check the suspension thoroughly. During winter, road conditions typically deteriorate. Driving on cracked, uneven pavement can cause suspension alignment to come out of place. If you notice this issue, it can be a sign of needed maintenance. Doing so sooner than later can prevent the need for significant repairs. Make sure you do this to keep your Aston Martin driving smooth.


Another area you will want to pay special attention to is the part everybody sees. Aston Martin cars are known as some of the most elegant in the world. As such, why not start the spring off right and restore some shine to your luxury car. Salty roads and increased dirt can damage your car’s paint during the winter months. Dust can also accumulate if left in the garage without a cover.

To restore the gleam to your car, nothing beats a thorough washing. The more thorough the detailing, the better prepared your car will be for the spring months. A high-quality wax and decontaminate can have your car looking fresh from the showroom. This is a perfect time to also install new windshield wipers to keep the front glass clean and clear.

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Though not impacted as significantly as the outside, your car’s interior could always use some spring cleaning. Keep your Aston Martin’s cabin comfortable and luxurious with an interior detailing solution. You may also want to replace the air filters and check the electrical systems. Before the weather gets too hot, make sure your air conditioning is working properly as well.

The last item of business is to see how the car drivers. After everything else is completed, do what Aston Martins do best: Drive. Take yours for a quick spin around the neighborhood to ensure it is performing well. This will give you a good sense of where it’s at. It also gives you an opportunity to double-check and make sure no servicing alerts pop up. If all is well, you should be ready for a great spring season of driving.

Aston Martin Long Island

With the proper planning, prepping your luxury car for spring is easy. Nothing is more satisfying than a stress-free drive with the windows down. However, if you need extra help or want a professional touch, we can help. Just take your car to the servicing professionals at Aston Martin Long Island. We have the skills to prepare your Aston Martin for spring and the experts who can do it right. Let our outstanding service technicians give your car a personalized tune-up for spring.

To schedule an appointment with Aston Martin Long Island, visit our website. It is easy to fill out a form and get in touch with our shop. We the best Aston Martin servicing pros in New York. Come to the team that can get your luxury car ready for spring the right way. Schedule a service appointment with Aston Martin Long Island today.

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