Aston Martin Dbs 770 Ultimate

Aston Martin Unveils DBS 770 Ultimate

Aston Martin will be sending off the legendary DBS supercar with a new DBS 770 Ultimate variant that is the most powerful production Aston Martin ever. Since 2018, the DBS has been the flagship supercar in the Aston Martin production range, and this new model will be an unforgettable finale to the DBS.

There has been extensive design and engineering work done to the DBS to make it the fastest and most powerful DBS model to date. The DBS 770 Ultimate will be sold in limited numbers to collectors, with just 300 Coupes and 199 Volantes available. Aston Martin has made numerous changes to enhance performance, improve driver engagement, and give the DBS more visual drama.

Powering the DBS 770 Ultimate is the most powerful version of Aston Martin’s legendary 5.2-liter V12 engine. It now generates 770PS at 6500rpm, and 900Nm of torque from 1800 to 5000rpm. This increase in power allows the DBS 770 Ultimate to reach speeds of up to 211mph, and gives it an incredible soundtrack when accelerating. Turbo boost pressure has increased seven percent, in addition to changes in intake and ignition systems.

All Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate supercars will be equipped with a fast-shifting ZF 8-speed automatic transmission and mechanical Limited-Slip Differential mounted at the rear of the car for better weight balance. The braking system is highly capable as well, using Aston Martin’s Carbon Ceramic Braking (CCB) system that is used on all DBS models.

The appearance of the DBS 770 Ultimate has also been modified to give it a unique aesthetic and improve performance at the same time. Some upgrades include a new hood with ‘horseshoe’ engine vent, new front splitter, a carbon fiber Cantrail, and new windscreen surround, mirror caps, and fender louvres. Unique wheels and bespoke interior trim complete the transformation of the DBS into the ‘Ultimate’ edition.

If you would like more information about the Aston Martin DBS and special edition models like the DBS 770 Ultimate, please contact our product experts today at Aston Martin Long Island serving the entire New York City area.


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