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One of the world’s most decorated car makers, Aston Martin, propels itself forward with the all new DBX. Introducing the first SUV from Aston Martin. The DBX marks a new milestone for the brand. It reaches new heights in its category while never compromising on Aston Martin’s renowned elegance. This model features all the luxury, versatility, and practicality of an SUV. Still, its dynamic performance capabilities stay true to the standards of Aston Martin. Visit Aston Martin Long Island today to discover New York’s best selection of the new 2021 DBX.


The DBX’s remarkable engineering begins with its body structure. Aston Martin’s unique design minimized weight and promotes outstanding stiffness. This keeps the vehicle’s kerbweight to just 2,245 kg. It also creates a more spacious cabin and allows for exceptional driving dynamics. Under the hood sits a 4-litre twin-turbocharged engine that produces 700 NM of torque. All this means the DBX can deliver a highly satisfying drive, even while seating five people.


Although it is the brand’s first SUV, the DBX is still unmistakable. Its sleek profile features the same signature design elements of other contemporary Aston Martins. In the rear, the distinct LED blade echoes that of the Vantage. Above all else, the exterior allows for incredible aerodynamic capabilities. Inlets on the vehicle’s grill control airflow and provide cooling to the brakes. Furthermore, the emphasis on aerodynamics minimizes cabin noise for the driver and passengers.


As an SUV, Aston Martin naturally made sure the DBX’s interior provides outstanding comfort. Drivers will also feel safer and more confident. Equal attention was given to making sure driver and passenger alike enjoy the ride. No other Aston Martin can provide a similar amount of space for occupants and luggage. All seating was designed with class-leading materials and ergonomic considerations. The cabin also features a bridged center console, perfect for storing small items like handbags. A touchscreen display keeps the driver connected and informed.


While luxurious and practical, this SUV also boasts outstanding performance capabilities. Aston Martin made sure the DBX holds its own against its other luxury cars. It accelerates from a stop to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 181 mph. Drivers will feel an outstanding sense of control over the DBX. This is thanks to a nine-speed torque convertor automatic gear box and all-wheel drive with active differentials. When the drive does not require maximum performance, cylinder deactivation enhances fuel economy.


Without a doubt, the DBX represents the next great step in Aston Martin’s impeccable legacy. The culmination of a five-year development project, this luxury SUV lifts the company to new heights. Experts and critics have taken notice. It received recognition for best luxury SUV at the GQ car awards. The Sunday Times named the DBX as the best-designed car of the year. Discover this groundbreaking SUV for yourself. Find the perfect DBX for you today at Aston Martin Long Island. Explore our inventory online, check out our selection in store, and call for more information today.


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