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Limited Edition Aston Martin Valour: Celebrating 110 Years

In honor of its 110th anniversary, Aston Martin unveils the Valour, a limited-edition V12-powered manual sports car. Valour pays tribute to the brand’s tradition of exceptional front-engined vehicles, offering a timeless classic appeal and maximum driver engagement. Limited to 110 units worldwide, this car reimagines the iconic V8 Vantage and legendary ‘Muncher’ Le Mans racer with modern materials and technology, combining unmistakable looks with relentless performance and intense dynamic character.

Valour is a celebration of Aston Martin’s passion for driving and extraordinary heritage, but it is also emblematic of today’s vibrant and revitalised brand. A modern icon that fuses classic character with contemporary execution, Valour captures the essence of excitement and exclusivity that defines this storied automotive marque. A showcase for our world-class design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Valour is further proof of Aston Martin’s position as the driver’s champion and maker of the world’s most exciting, exclusive and desirable ultra-luxury high-performance cars.

- Lawrence Stroll, Executive Chairman of Aston Martin
The Valour is a special edition V12 sports car designed for enthusiasts who crave an engaging driving experience. It pays tribute to Aston Martin’s iconic front-engined models with its purist approach and manual transmission. Drawing inspiration from the V8 Vantage and the ‘Muncher’ Le Mans racer, Valour embodies the essence of Aston Martin’s ultimate sports cars. Limited to 110 units worldwide, it combines modern technology with classic design, making it highly collectible.
The car’s powertrain, with a 5.2-liter V12 twin-turbocharged engine delivering 715PS and 753Nm of torque, is mated to a bespoke six-speed manual transmission for the first time, ensuring an immersive driving experience. The mechanical limited-slip differential, electronic traction and stability control, and driving modes add to the driver’s control and confidence.
Valour’s suspension, with adaptive dampers and precise wheel alignment geometry, strikes a balance between sportiness and compliance for excellent ride and handling qualities. The custom body structure maximizes stiffness for precise body control and increased refinement. The new steering system enhances the driver’s connection and feel with the car.
Equipped with Carbon Ceramic Brakes, the Valour provides ample stopping power, reducing un-sprung mass for better performance. The car’s 21” lightweight forged alloy wheels and AML-specific Michelin Pilot Sport S 5 tires ensure excellent handling and road-holding in any condition. Valour embodies the legacy of Aston Martin’s iconic sports cars, delivering a thrilling and visceral driving experience.

Inspired by the iconic, muscle cars from our past, we have endowed Valour with an abundance of power and torque, while using modern technology and engineering to make that performance more exploitable and enjoyable. A big part of honouring that driver-pleasing character was mating our fabulous V12 engine to a manual transmission. It was a unique part of the brief and the end result is something truly unforgettable; a state-of-the-art driver’s car that thrives on being pushed to its limits and has the true heart and soul of a timeless analogue classic.

- Simon Newton, Aston Martin’s Director of Vehicle Performance
Valour’s remarkable performance and driving characteristics are evident in its carbon fiber bodywork, blending modern design with iconic V8 Vantage cues. The front end features a striking grille, LED headlights, and aerodynamic elements. At the rear, Valkyrie-inspired tail-lights and a lightweight triple tailpipe exhaust system add to the dramatic design.
Inside, Valour’s cockpit is a blend of simplicity and tactility, with a focus on the manual transmission gear lever for a truly engaging driving experience. The interior offers various material combinations, from traditional woollen tweed to high-tech carbon fiber. Customers can personalize the livery with hand-painted stripes and graphics.
For those seeking even more exclusivity, Q by Aston Martin offers bespoke options, including one-off liveries, exposed carbon fiber bodywork, custom interior detailing, and a choice of tweed and cashmere fabrics. Valour represents a true celebration of Aston Martin’s heritage and offers a unique and personalized driving experience.

At Aston Martin our design is always progressive, but when it comes to celebrating a significant milestone – in this instance our 110th birthday - we allow ourselves a little latitude. Consequently, Valour is gloriously unapologetic; an old-school brute refined and reimagined through the lens of 2023. Making a return to a chiselled shape, moving away from the more sculptural forms that define current series production Aston Martin’s, with bold details and modern materials root in the present. We were keen to ensure its looks reflect the driving experience. The raw physicality of the shape should tell you all you need to know about the ferocious performance and analogue thrills of taming a 715PS manual transmission sports car, yet the clear use of the latest technology points to a car with modern manners and exceptional dynamic capabilities.

- Miles Nurnberger, Aston Martin’s Director of Design

Aston Martin will start Valour production at its Gaydon Headquarters in Q3 2023, and deliveries will begin in Q4 2023. As one of Aston Martin’s iconic front-engined special series sports cars, Valour is set to become a highly sought-after collector’s piece that begs to be driven.


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